Civic Betterment and Social Fellowship

About Us


Ed Bibb George Harold Logan
Charles “June” Brown Thomas Marshall
Charles “Turk” Bryson Raymond O’Neal Parks
John R. Chandler Howard “Schoolboy” Reed
Lawrence Herring James B. “Longgreen” Smith
Jerome Hutchinson Charles “Fats” White
Clarence “Tubby” Johnson Robert Willis


We, the members of the Yearlings Club, Incorporated, in order to create better human relationships, do form this organization with the purpose of promoting and engendering the civic welfare of the community and its constituents, to promote social activities among the club members, and to regulate all matters of common interest to each member of the organization. The nature and kind of such programs to promote such civic enterprises shall be decided by the club.

The Yearlings Club

aboutusSince its beginning, the Yearlings Club has attracted outstanding individuals who enjoy the spirit of brotherhood and working together.

All members are encouraged to support club sponsored youth and community activities that are designed to enhance the quality of life and development of our community. To that end the Yearlings Club, Inc. is actively involved in community issues ranging from crime prevention to economic development.

Yearlings Club, Inc. is a non-profit organization and the proceeds from fund raisers go to benefit local charities and organizations in our community.